Don’t Wallow in Past Mistakes

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

The past is filled with experiences that we can learn from. Unfortunately, the past can also be a burden that can weigh us down. Baggage from our past often has negative consequences in terms of how we feel about ourselves and our ability to create positive energy. This is particularly true when it comes to mistakes we may have made in the past.

It’s very easy to let yourself get bogged down in past mistakes. Instead of learning lessons from them, we let these mistakes become anchors. We’re constantly replaying in our minds how we made the mistakes in the first place. By doing this, all we are doing is reinforcing the negativity associated with our past missteps and creating roadblocks that inhibit us from sending out the type of positive energy we need to be bountiful.

The Law of Attraction shows us that it’s important to let go of the past and focus on where we want to go in the future. Devoting our energy to the things we want out of life doesn’t involve being weighed down by past mistakes. There is truly nothing you can do to fix things you’ve done wrong in the past. In fact, the future only gives us opportunities to make the right choices when faced with similar situations and make past our previous issues. Opening up your mind to the possibilities in your future starts with shedding the negative baggage from your previous mistakes. Being clear of this turmoil puts you in the right frame of mind to create positive thoughts moving forward.


Dr. Eric Amidi used Artificial Neural Networks as part of the team at Fermi Laboratories that identified the Top Quark. Eric Amidi has used his knowledge of Artificial Neural Networks to better the understanding of how the brain works.