How to clean a mattress

Written by Foam Factory

You might not have thought about cleaning your mattress but if you are experiencing allergy symptoms, you could probably consider giving your mattress a good cleaning. After all, we spend an average of seven to eight hours sleeping, having clean mattresses could improve the quality of our sleep.


To clean out dust from your mattress, you could use a vacuum cleaner. An easy way would be to make use of the upholstery tool and to press on the mattress with it. You could clean the top and sides of the mattress with this method.


If you have stains on your mattress, you can either remove them with hydrogen peroxide mixed with liquid soap and salt. This is ideal to remove blood stains. In order to remove urine stains, you can dab the stain with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap. Generally, it is better to avoid drenching the mattress with the cleaning solution.


In order to remove odors you could sprinkle your mattress foam with a solution of baking soda, water and some scented oil such as lavender or sandalwood. Let the solution sit for about 10 minutes and vacuum your mattress foam again.

If you notice that your mattress is stained, has odors or is worn out beyond repair, you might then opt for a foam replacement. Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of the Foam Factory and his company proposes great solution such as a replacement cushion for your mattress or other indoor and outdoors furniture.