Mattress toppers: An Extra layer of Comfort

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

After several years of use you might notice that your mattress has lost of its shape or has become quite saggy. Even though you might have been flipping your mattress regularly, this would unfortunately not prevent the foam from giving in. A solution around this issue would be to complement your mattress with foam mattress toppers. These toppers would enable you to gain an extra layer of comfort and gain some additional benefits.

Support of body contours

An added mattress layer not only brings comfort but it also provides a more effective support to various body parts. Parts such as the shoulder, legs, neck and back might be needing some extra support in order to avoid pains. An additional layer of mattress might also ease up the pressure on a person’s spines which is good to prevent back pains.

Even distribution of body weight

With use mattresses tend to succumb to body weights which gives rise to uneven shapes on the mattress. Mattress toppers bring back an even shape on the mattress and this promotes a better circulation.

Better quality sleep

The increased comfort level promotes a better quality of sleep. The relieved pressure on the limbs would also be conducive to a better sleep quality.

Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry since 1980. He is now the VP of the Foam Factory Inc. The company proposes a large array of mattresses and mattress toppers for people seeking comfort. Customers looking for a mattress in Canada can also contact the company for advice.