How Much Protein in Tilapia

Here is a table with the Protein in Tilapia and related foods.

Serving Sizes of Tilapia Prot(g)
1 fillet 21.73
4 oz 29.65
Other Cooked Types of Tilapia(1 fillet) Prot(g)
Baked or Broiled Tilapia 21.73
Baked Breaded or Battered Tilapia 24.90
Fried Battered Tilapia 21.38
Fried Floured or Breaded Tilapia 25.74
Related Varieties of Tilapia Prot(g)
1 fillet Cooked Tilapia 21.68
4 oz Tilapia 22.77
4 oz Cooked Tilapia 29.65