What is a New York Asian Massage

Written by Garden Retreat Spa

Asian massages have been in existence and used for centuries across Asia in countries such as China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. The most commonly known massage, the shiatsu has its roots in Japan. The Tui Na originates from China and the strong deep tissues massage comes from Korea.

Massages have also been practiced in European countries for thousands of years. Countries such as Russia, Sweden and ancient Roman cultures have hot baths and spas as part of their regular wellness rituals. The New York Asian massage consists of a combination of the Japanese Shiatsu and the Swedish massage.

In the Shiatsu massage, the thumbs, fingers and palms are used to apply pressure to various parts of the body. The techniques used involve acupressure, rolling, stretching and kneading with the hands and thumbs. As for the swedish massage, it incorporates long strokes in order to relax stiff and tight muscles of the body. The common techniques used in the Swedish massage involve sliding, kneading, cross fiber friction, rhythmic tapping and vibration.

This type of massage is practised on a shower table and consists of a deep tissue massage. An important aspect to check before booking is whether the rooms are clean and well prepared before opting for a full body massage NYC. The massage is also suited for couples who wish to relax together. This is a good way to build intimacy.

Garden Retreat Spa offers Asian massage NYC services for individuals and couples seeking to relax in a pleasant environment.