Book Review: Create Abundance The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛

Create Abundance” by Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛 offers some practical guidance about how to shake off old belief systems and become more successful in life. Of course, the topics are much more diverse than that. For instance, one chapter deals with Cosmic Energy and how it works. The author tells us that we can all enrich our lives by learning how to live in harmony with the universe.

What is cosmic energy?

The author of Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, seems to have a good handle on difficult concepts such as Cosmic Energy. He believes that everything in the universe is made up of cosmic energy. Though each object has its own vibration frequency, all matter is made up of this energy.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy

The author explains that once we understand, we can begin to take advantage of this knowledge. It can help us learn how to work in harmony with each other. It can also help us to focus on being grateful each day for what we have. He explains how much better the world is when humans work together. He believes that harmonious interactions have a great many advantages that we don’t even know about.

For one thing, when humans work in harmony, they are more productive and happy. As they spread these positive emotions to those around them, others reap the benefits. They too become more productive and happy with their lives. As these positive forces of the universe are spread, all of mankind eventually gains ground.