Dental Malpractice, Weight Loss, and the Ominous Link to Oral Cancer

Oral health is an important aspect of an individual’s overall well-being and negligence in dental care can prove disastrous. One of the most alarming impacts that usually doesn’t get paid much attention is weight loss due to dental malpractice and its relation to oral cancer. Understanding this interconnectedness forms an essential factor for the persons who pursue comprehensiveness in dental care and justice against malpractice.

Dental malpractice comprises a number of issues from misdiagnosis to “wrong” treatment that can bring about severe health complications. One of the lesser-known effects is that it can be linked to weight loss. In some cases, unwillingness to treat dental problems at the right time and in the right way may result in systemic health problems which include unintentional and unexplained weight loss.

The direct relationship between oral health and overall well-being has not been a secret. Poor attention to oral health puts at risk not only the teeth but also the gums. For example, an unexplained weight loss is an identifiable red flag that there is some underlying health condition that could well have its roots in oral health complications caused by dental malpractice.

An undiagnosed oral condition or delayed treatment of one may allow diseases such as oral cancer to pass unnoticed. If oral cancer goes undetected and untreated in its early stages, weight loss may be a consequence when the patient is unable to consume sufficient food or because of persistent pain or metabolic demands of the disease. However, when dental malpractice supports the development of oral cancer, such actions present a threat not only to oral health but also a considerable danger to the patient’s physical well-being.

For a dental malpractice victim whose adverse health effects include unexplained weight loss, seeking justice is an important proceeding. With respect to these and other cases of dental malpractice, the services of a San Francisco dental malpractice attorney come in handy for patients within San Francisco or other cities in California. The skilled attorney plays a crucial role in not only representing the interests of the client but also an emphasis that there is a relationship between dental malpractice, weight loss followed by oral cancer.

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