Use Targeted Patient Campaigns to Improve Your Healthcare Provider’s Medicare Quality STAR Score

If you work in the healthcare industry, it’s no secret that the Quality STAR scores issued by the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) can have a drastic effect on your operation’s success. At its core, the healthcare industry is about meeting patients’ medical needs, which is why these scores are based on a healthcare provider’s ability to meet patient needs in an efficient, timely, and safe manner.

At times when you’re not sure how to improve your Quality STAR score, it might be a good idea to launch a targeted patient campaign. According to David Duel, entrepreneur and CEO of 400-person Medicare platform EasyHealth, “Targeted patient campaigns can significantly increase your Quality STAR scores because of how they change patient behavior through individualized messages. They allow you to directly address patients’ needs.”

Not every patient who walks through your doors will have the same medical needs. There is a multitude of different demographics and health issues represented within your clientele, so you’ll need to address specific audiences with your campaigns.

David Duel advises, “Use instructional content, calls to action, and other forms of messaging that incentivize your patients to adopt the best health practices. Make sure no one’s skipping their medication or not following their doctor’s advice.”

It’s also helpful to include health advice that will reduce the chances of patients being hospitalized again after release, as hospital readmission is one of the criteria that determines the Quality STAR score.

“Targeted campaigns are only effective if they resonate with the target audience, so be sure you understand your intended audience and how they fit within your healthcare business,” David Duel also said.

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