All you need to know about teeth reshaping

Article written byElite Dental Group

Teeth reshaping is a non-invasive technique and a form of corrective dentistry, which is a good alternative to braces. Teeth reshaping is ideal for those with minor tooth flaws, but it is not suitable for patients who require realignment. To qualify for the procedure patients will need healthy teeth and gums as a portion of the tooth’s enamel is removed for reshaping.

This non-invasive procedure has no healing cycle, requires no sedation, or numbing agents. Most teeth reshaping procedures can be completed in a single appointment. Costs can vary depending on the preferences of the patient and the reshaping required to balance the patient’s smile. Since this procedure, is a form of corrective dentistry, health insurance companies will only pay for teeth reshaping if it is required due to an accident.

Often a dentist will consider reshaping after performing a dental exam and requesting X-rays that will show the dentist the health of the patient’s teeth and gums. A patient’s enamel will also be assessed, as weak or flimsy enamel will cause severe sensitivity. Dentists will perform a reshaping after polishing and sanding down a patient’s enamel. They would then apply a laminate that is shortened or lengthened to create a balanced smile.

Once a patient’s teeth have been reshaped, they will need to follow good oral habits by brushing twice daily and flossing before bed. Additionally, patients should avoid biting on hard foods to avoid chipping reshaped teeth.

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