How to maintain a white smile after a teeth whitening procedure

Article provided by Elite Dental Group

The easiest way to improve a smile is to invest in a professional in-clinic whitening treatment. Not only are these treatments safe, but they are also non-invasive and will guarantee a bright smile. However, after a whitening treatment, you should consider the following habits to help maintain a white smile.

Be aware of what you eat – Foods that stain can reduce the whiteness of your teeth. Beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, and dark sodas can cause discoloration if consumed often. Opt to eliminate or limit these beverages as much as possible. When you do consume such drinks, rinse your mouth with water to reduce the chances of staining.

Quit smoking – Smoking will leave tar and nicotine on teeth surfaces, causing staining that can be hard to remove. If you are a smoker, it is best to look at ways to quit the habit for the health of your teeth as well as your general wellbeing.

Maintain good oral hygiene – Make it a habit to brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes. Brushing in short gentle strokes with less pressure will cause less damage while cleaning teeth effectively. For optimum results choose a good quality whitening toothpaste that is gentle on teeth. Flossing every day will also help remove food particles and plaque lodged between teeth.

Follow-up treatments – Depending on the level of staining, some patients will need additional treatments once or twice a year. These additional treatments can help maintain the brightness of teeth and a youthful appearance.

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