Custom shapes for seat cushions

These days seat cushions are not all rectangular shaped. We often see them shaped oddly including L shapes and circles just to name a few. If you have seat cushions that are shaped irregularly then you may have trouble finding replacements. Can you get seat cushions like that for affordable prices?

That’s a question that many consumers have including boat owners. Typically, boat mattresses are oddly shaped and will need to be customized. Whether your seat cushions are triangular or shaped like a trapezoid, it’s really not that expensive to replace them.

How to get seat cushions the right size

The first thing you want to do is take accurate measurements of the old seat cushion or the surface where the cushion will be used. Whether it’s a boat mattress, a chair, a small bed or outdoor furniture, be sure to measure correctly and write down the sizes you will need.

How to find places that offer custom seat cushions

You may not have a business like this in your neighborhood but the good news is that you can order custom sized seat cushions online. All you will need in order to get this is the number of cushions and the size of each. All types of foam are easy to cut so if you get the sizes wrong you may be able to fix this yourself. Of course, it is important to take accurate measurements and write everything down for best results. If you need help with this project, don’t hesitate to contact The Foam Factory.