Choosing the Right Braces for Your Teeth

Article ByRemarkable Smiles Orthodontics

When it comes to dental braces, one size or type of braces does not fit all. If you need aligners to keep your smile bright and healthy, you should know which braces are best suited for your teeth. Braces are made from a variety of different materials such as metal, ceramics, or clear plastic. Each of these materials comes with pros and cons.

Metal is used for conventional and lingual braces, where brackets are attached to the teeth and tightened to apply pressure that straightens the teeth’s alignment. Conventional braces may not be as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, but they are usually the most effective. Lingual braces can be just as effective, while also being “invisible,” since the brackets are placed behind the teeth instead of in front. Keep in mind that lingual braces are generally one of the most expensive options.

Ceramic braces use a similar method, but their brackets are made from a clear, ceramic material. These are more pleasant to look at than traditional braces, and they usually cost less than lingual braces, making these a good middle-of-the-road option.

Another popular choice in recent years has been Invisalign braces or clear aligners. This is the most convenient option and one of the most aesthetically pleasing options since clear aligners can be easily removed and replaced and they are made to look as clear as possible. However, this is the most high-maintenance option, and clear aligners may not work for certain people.

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