How Foam Seat Cushions Help Take Care of Your Health

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you aware of what sitting does to your body? According to Harvard Medical School, spending too many hours sitting can result in an increased risk of disorders such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, prolonged sitting can result in aches, pains, and stiffness. You’ve likely felt this after a long day of working at a desk.

The negative health effects of sitting are caused by several factors including compression on your lower body and tailbone, as well as promoting poor posture. Standing up and being more active are usually good solutions for these problems. However, many of us have jobs that require us to sit for a long time and we are forced to use uncomfortable office chairs that aren’t optimal for our body proportions.

If prolonged sitting is your occupational hazard, you should invest in good foam seat cushions to take the pressure off your lower body. Not only will a cushion make sitting more comfortable, but it will also help distribute your weight more evenly, improving blood flow and reducing unhealthy compression. A good seat cushion can also provide enough support to discourage slouching and bad posture when sitting at your desk.

After measuring your office chair, you can order custom foam seat cushions from The Foam Factory. You can choose different sizes from their pre-made shapes, or you can ask for a unique shape cut according to your specifications. Contact The Foam Factory today for more details on customizing the perfect seat cushion for you.