Tips for Taking Care of Feet and Hands

Your feet and hands do so much for you on a daily basis, says Pierre Zarokian. Your feet support your weight, get you to your destination, and allow you to work and play. Your hands allow you to eat, groom your body, play games, talk to people, and scratch an itch when you have one. For as much as your hands and feet do for you, it would be to your benefit to give them the proper care they require.

Caring For Your Feet

A great way to begin to properly care for your feet is to wash them often to remove dirt and bacteria. After washing them, be sure to dry them thoroughly, remove calluses with a foot file, and then apply a moisturizing cream to keep your feet soft and supple.

Making sure to wear the proper shoes for both work and play is essential in keeping your feet healthy and comfortable. When wearing closed shoes, change your socks often to prevent foot odor and fungal infections. Try to wear high heels as little as possible for they can damage your feet.

Caring For Your Hands

Just as with your feet, frequent washing is also very beneficial for your hands. After a thorough washing, moisturize them to prevent dry, cracked skin. Always remember to use latex or rubber gloves when handling harsh cleaning chemicals and also when washing dishes to prevent the chemicals and soap from damaging your skin. Lastly, give yourself a manicure to not only give yourself a little confidence boost but to also give your fingernails a makeover. This manicure will also prevent you from biting your nails if you have the habit.

About the Author:
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