Where you can buy exercise equipment with financing

If you’re ready to get fit and healthy, then buying some new exercise equipment will definitely help out. But many pieces of exercise equipment are hundreds of dollars if not more. Most of us need financing in order to afford purchases like this. There are quite a few places that do sell exercise equipment and some of them will be easier than others to get financing. Of course, it’s important to find the lowest possible interest rate and the best possible terms on your new loan.

If you’re ready to go shopping, then all you need is a few good suggestions. Below we have listed some great places that sell exercise equipment and are not as difficult to get credit with.

Kohls Department Stores: Not all Kohl’s stores have exercise equipment in the store, but you can find it by shopping online. It’s relatively easy to get a charge account at Kohl’s but your credit limit may not be as high if your credit isn’t very good.

Horizon: This store sells only fitness related items. They do have a wide variety of various types of exercise equipment and they have good reviews online. You will need a decent credit score in order to get an account with them.

Curacao: This store has a pretty good range of fitness equipment and it’s fairly easy to set up an account there. Credit terms are affordable and you can shop online for some great deals. They have the best options for exercise equipment financing.

Curacao also sells fitness watches and other health related items to help you get everything you need to start the year off by getting in shape. Apply for credit here.