How Strong Can You Get on a Vegan Diet?

It’s a common belief that exercisers seeking to build muscle mass must consume high amounts of meat because building muscle requires protein. Chicken and beef are often mainstays in muscle-building diets for this reason. However, getting ripped and achieving peak athletic performance is still possible on a vegan diet.

Internet personality and fitness guru Wesley Virgin commented, “People don’t realize that some plant-based food is very rich in protein. Foods like tofu and quinoa can provide that protein boost you need to get gains while keeping your body healthier in the process.”

One thing to keep in mind is that these plant-based protein providers may not contain all the amino acids necessary for peak performance. For this reason, vegan fitness buffs should eat a variety of protein-heavy foods for a balanced diet. “You might have to pay closer attention to make sure your vegan diet is providing what you need to build muscle,” Wesley Virgin remarked. “You can also find vegan protein powders to drink before or after your workout.”

In case you had doubts a vegan diet can make you stronger, there are many world-class athletes who compete at the highest level while eating vegan diets. Novak Djokovic, Kyrie Irving, and Chris Paul are some examples of top-level athletes who follow strictly plant-based diets.

“Going vegan may not be for everyone, but for those who follow that lifestyle, it won’t limit your athletic potential,” Wesley Virgin concluded. “You don’t have to eat meat to be a world-class athlete. And for some people, going vegan may even be the answer to getting faster and stronger.”