Can Drivers Get Their License Suspended in California if They Have Bipolar Disorder?

Article submitted by Delta Driving School.

People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder are subject to dramatic changes in mood, energy and activity levels. Also, when a person seeks treatment for bipolar disorder, they may be prescribed certain medications that could cause impairment while driving. When the California DMV is made aware of a driver’s bipolar diagnosis, they will conduct an investigation to determine if it affects their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

A variety of sources can provide information to the California DMV regarding a driver’s bipolar condition, including:

Law enforcement officers who learn of an issue while contacting a driver

Medical professionals who discover a mental health issue

Family members who believe the person is not safe to drive

Friends who believe the person should stop driving

Individual drivers who unintentionally reveal too much about themselves

Anonymous tipsters

If the DMV determines that a person’s bipolar disorder or their use of medication affects their ability to drive, the driver’s license will be suspended and the driver is then eligible for a hearing. On the other hand, if the DMV Hearing Officer determines there is no cause for concern, he or she may close the case and keep the license intact.

It’s important for drivers to understand that their license will not be automatically suspended if they have bipolar disorder. Drivers are entitled to show that their mental health issue is stable and that they are safe to drive during the DMV’s re-examination process. To learn more, contact your local DMV.

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