Do’s and don’ts of mattress care

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When it comes to getting a good sleep, the mattress is one of the most important aspects that would help in that. In order to promote the longevity of the mattress and guarantee proper back support, the mattress would need to properly cared for. The tips below might be useful in achieving proper care.

Proper Installation

When it comes to getting a mattress replacement, the proper installation of the foundation is important. Not following the adequate installation procedure can lead to damages in new sleep sets. Advice would also need to be sought from the factory or store if you are intending to transport the mattress yourself. The staff would be able to provide guidance to avoid any issues.

Flip your mattress

The mattress would need to flipped occasionally to guarantee even distribution of the weight. The recommended method to flip the mattress is to flip it from end-to-end and from top to bottom. Doing this will keep the level of wear quite even. The mattress would be less prone to becoming saggy and might last longer.

Aerate and do not dry clean

In order to prevent odors, the foam cushion, mattress and its foundation need to be regularly aerated. This can be done by leaving them uncovered. Aeration will also help to get rid of any odor and to get a fresh feel out of the mattress. It is also important to avoid dry-cleaning the mattress as the chemicals used in the procedure might harm the fabric and filling. Vacuuming is recommended when it comes to cleaning mattresses.

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