Three Types of Massage Therapy

Different types of massage offer pressure, strokes and stretching to different parts of the body and are based on ancient techniques that help to cure certain ailments. Here are three types of massage and what they offer.

Swedish massage – Swedish massage offers five basic strokes which glide, knead, tap, cross fiber and vibrate the body. These massages come from Dutch based countries and are considered one of the most traditional massage techniques. If you request for a full body massage, NYC you will often offer a Swedish massage.

Lymphatic massage – A lymphatic massage will try to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system with gentle, repetitive strokes. The aim of the massage is to help the lymph system’s muscles cells to contract smoothly and to move fluid through the vessels. If you are looking for a body detox, this type of massage is an excellent choice.

Thai massage – Thai massages are complex and intricate and are influenced by traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia. Thai massages will use oils to massage the body and will use yoga like poses to apply pressure to different organs and muscles.