Healthy eating guide

Written by Herb Kimble

We are approaching that time of year when people start making new years’ resolutions. The most popular resolution, year after year, is to improve health and live a healthier life. Working out and getting more exercise is usually a close second. Fortunately, eating healthy is not as hard as everyone assumes. With a few lifestyle changes, we can all live a healthier life and stick to our resolutions:


Carbs are not the evil that most new-wave dieters would have you believe. Paleo and other diets eschew carbs in favor of higher fat diets. While reducing carbs is a good first step, going low-carb is not. Reduce (not replace) your carb intake with more vegetables. Pick up a Spiralizer when online discount shopping and swap your spaghetti for some Zoodles (Zucchini noodles).


Added sugar is the biggest culprit when it comes to the rise in diabetes and obesity. Morning coffee has gone from black with a bit of creamer to full-on sugar drinks. Make your own coffee at home. When online, buy a French press or percolator and take five minutes in the morning to make your own. Anyone who tries replicating store-bought frappes and mochas will soon stick to making at home when they see what goes into them.


Like carbs, fats are part of a healthy diet and should be eaten in moderation. Avoid frying everything. As an alternative, steam the vegetables and toss it in some grass-fed butter or ghee for some healthy fats.