What Are Your Rights If You’ve Gotten Bad Dental Care?

There are times when we all have to go to the dentist. Of course, those regular cleanings are important, but many people wait until they have some authentic dental problems before going in. But that’s what dentists are for. If you have an infected tooth or an impacted wisdom tooth, you need help now. You would never expect to be hurt while in the dentist’s office.

Though some dental procedures are fairly simple, there are others that require special training. For instance, dental implants are very popular these days but not every dentist is trained in the correct way to deliver this service.

In addition, dentists may get busy and not be paying attention. They may not know your medical history. They may simply not be properly trained to perform some services. This can leave patients open to getting dental services that cause unnecessary injury andpain.

The 3 main causes of injury from a dentist are:

Dental anesthesia

Dental implants

Removing wisdom teeth (including impacted wisdom teeth)

If you’ve been injured at the dentist’s office, then you do have a right to be compensated for your pain and suffering. It’s important to document exactly what happened. As soon as you believe that you’ve received poor care from the dentist, write down what happened and include dates and the names of people who were there such as the dental hygienist.

Then contact a dental malpractice attorney California right away. Let them know the details of your case.

It’s your right to get compensation for injuries you receive while under the care of any physician or dentist. A dental malpractice attorney California can advise you of your rights and help you file your case.

Article submitted by Attorney Dane Levy of www.Dentalmal.com, a dental malpractice firm serving Los Angeles and Orange County. Contact a California dental malpractice attorney immediately for dental malpractice information.