How Contact Lenses Are Made

Prescription eyeglasses have long been a popular option for those seeking to improve their vision but advancements in technology have given patients additional options. High-tech solutions like contact lenses and LASIK surgery involve sophisticated methods that can get you even closer to the natural sensation of having perfect vision. How exactly are contact lenses made? The process is advanced, which can give those who depend on them, or those who are simply curious, the appreciation for how far technology has come.

Injection Molding

The most popular version lens wearers use is the soft contact lens. The injection molding process involves heating up the contact lens material so they can fit within special molds. Pressure is applied and the edges of the thin films are then polished to give the lenses both the shape and the smoothness to fit snugly on the eye. Additionally, the contact lenses are then hydrated to help give them the soft and flexible nature you are familiar with.

Lathe Cutting

This process is a bit different from the more standard injection molding technique. This method involves the use of disks that have not yet been hydrated. The small disks are placed on spinning machines and shaped with very precise and advanced computers to create the familiar lenses you might find on This process is a bit more involved and time-consuming than injection molding, which makes it a costlier technique. That being said, technological advancements have made the overall process much faster than it used to be.