An Introduction to the Paleo Diet

Article by Paleo Forever

If you’re looking to lose weight, you may have come across the Paleo Diet. It became popular a few years ago and, in just a short amount of time, countless books on the subject have been published, podcasts have been done, websites launched, etc. However, you may be unsure what it covers. Let’s delve into that subject now.

The basic idea behind the Paleo Diet is that we as human beings were designed a certain way over generations of evolution. A big part of this design covered our diet. According to Paleo Diet supporters, we were designed by evolution to eat foods we could find naturally. This would include options like meat, eggs, berries, vegetables and nuts.

What this list doesn’t include is wheat, oats, grain and other starchy sources of carbs. This is a real shock for many, as these are often a staple most have been taught are essential for a balanced diet. But there may be several reasons to believe these foods are actually doing more harm than good.

The thought is that our bodies don’t know how to process them. So, at best, we’re eating empty calories that are, essentially, a waste of space. That would be bad enough.

However, it’s also possible that these foods are damaging our bodies, according to Paleo Dieters. Bread could actually be causing all kinds of inflammation, disrupting the way our body absorbs nutrients and making us far. So although we can eat it, that in no way means it’s a good idea to do so.

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