Cushions and how it can solve your neck pain

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Custom foam cushionsis the answer if you’re looking for a solution to neck pain when placed in conditions like long road trips and plane rides. Most passengers who are in these types of situation complain about neck and back pain and even soreness in the legs. And these are all complaints that are expected. After all, if you’re seated in the same position for an extended period of time, don’t you think it would be uncomfortable for you in areas of your body that are subjected to pressure? Considering that talking a quick walk to the rest room as well as standing up for a few minutes will be able to relieve your leg pain as well as back pain by restoring the normal flow of circulation in these areas, what then can you do for your neck? Seeing as how you would not be able to lie down if you’re flying coach, your next best solution would then be neck cushions. Putting a neck cushion around your neck will allow you to release the pressure that’s bearing down on your neck by distributing it to different parts of your body. Aside from this, the neck cushion would also absorb bulk of the pressure as well. What this means is that you would be saving yourself from a stiff neck or neck pains that would have plagued you if you did not have a neck cushion with you during your trip. If you were wondering, having a neck cushion is actually not that expensive.


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