Why You Should Not Wash Contact Lenses with Water

If you’re the proud owner of contacts, you might have run into precious situations where you ran out of contact solution. Now, as tempting as it may be, you should never store your contact lenses directly in water. This article will discuss the ramifications this decision might pose if you choose to do so.

Even Bottled Water Is Not Recommended

If you’re out of contact solution but you have an unopened bottle of water, it might seem logical to store it in something that’s been purified. However, while the water is often advertised as pure, there are still small particles floating around in each bottle that can either warp or infect the lens. Moreover, once you place your contacts back into your eyes, you can expect them to dry out relatively quickly causing discomfort.

Germs and Other Unwanted Bacteria

The water that comes directly out of your sink may be clean enough to drink or cook with, which is why someone may think that the water would seem safe enough to store your contact lenses. Even if you have a healthy filter attached that removes germs and minerals from the water, it’s still recommended to avoid placing your lenses in the water.

Even if the water is clean enough to drink, it may contain bacteria that can damage the lens. If they are justify in water for too long, bacteria and other germs may start to build on the lenses, and can permanently damage them. In these situations, placing the contaminated lenses right into your eyes can give you a serious eye infection.