How Often You Have To Take A Minimum Vision Test To Get A Driver’s License In California

Article by Delta Driving School .

Everyone has to get their vision tested the first time that you go in to get your driver’s license. Thanks to simple renewal processes you can get a new driver’s license without even having to go to your local DMV at all if you have relatively good vision. This being the case it might be a long time before you have to go back in a again to make sure that you meet the minimum vision requirements.

However, if you are over the age of 70 years old then you will have to go to the DMV each time to renew your driver’s license in person and to have your vision tested to make sure that you can still see. This must be done every five years.

Any person over this age can opt out of this if they wish to by going to an eye doctor and having the doctor write out a Report of Vision Examination. Older drivers may have unique restrictions on their ID, such as not being allowed to drive during rush hour or only being allowed to drive within a certain distance of their home.

Other than when you are first getting your license and when you reach the age of 70, the only other times that the average person needs to take the minimum vision test is if their license expires before they renew it but they may only renew it up to two times before they must come in again.

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