The different types of Asian Massage therapy

The term Asian Massage is used to refer to touch-based therapy that originated or developed a system of medicine from an Asian country. Asian Massage Manhattan usually works with the flow of energy (referred to as Chi by some cultures) through various pathways in the body. The biggest difference between western and Asian massage therapy is that most Asian massage therapy is done clothed. Here is a quick run-through of Asian massage techniques popular in the west:

Acupressure Massage – By applying pressure to specific acupressure points, it can balance your body’s energy and release tension. It is also known to increase circulation and as a result, is also used to heal from injuries.

Amma – This is a traditional Japanese massage which uses deep-tissue massage techniques on muscles and ligaments with acupressure points. Originally this type of massage was practiced by blind practitioners.

Ayurveda Massage – This is part of the Indian ayurvedic tradition and includes several other local therapies. This system uses Marmas, which are larger sensitive zones akin to acupressure points. Ayurveda massage can also include herbs, aromas, and yoga practices.

Shiatsu – One of the more commercially popular types of New York Asian massage. It is also an acupressure based method that uses pressure points along the meridians. This Japanese therapy is also known as Shiatsu self-massage.

Thai Massage – Another massage technique that is practiced fully clothed. It uses many yoga-like poses and breathing to open up the passages and release tension.


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