Use Sofa Cushions to Improve Posture

Written by The Foam Factory

Your old sofa might not be beneficial to improving your posture. Quite on the contrary, if you notice that you are experiencing pain or stiff muscles in your back, neck, legs or arms area, it might be because your couch is slouching your posture. You might test out the ergonomy of your sofa by taking careful notice of your posture when seated. A good ergonomy would consist of your knees being aligned to your hips when seated. The arms should also rest comfortably at a reasonable height.

Making use of sofa seat cushions could be beneficial to improving your posture. These cushions can be strategically placed underneath your arms in order to alleviate any pressure formed in your neck area. A small cushion placed at the curve of the lower back would be beneficial to maintaining the natural form of the lumbar curve. This also ensures that the spine remains well aligned. To alleviate pain in the legs, a cushion can be placed under the knees to maintain them in a flexed position.

Carlo Badalamenti has gained extensive experience in advising customers on choosing the right cushions to improve their posture. If you notice that your couch has become saggy and is no longer providing adequate support, a solution would be to go for a complete foam replacement. You could carry out the project yourself with custom-cut foams.

The Foam Factory proposes a large array of foams and sofa cushions to suit your indoor or outdoor foam replacement projects.