What You Didn’t Know About Foam Products

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

When most people think of foam, the soft material used for packaging might come to mind. Others know foam as the puffy gray stuff musicians use to soundproof their studios. But this versatile material can also be used to create a variety of other products, from comfortable seats and cushions to pet beds and even mattresses.

Think you know everything there is to know about foam? Think again! The Foam Factory, one of the leading manufacturers of foam products for various applications, offers the following facts you probably didn’t know about foam products.

Foam makes comfortable and durable seating options. What is a chair cushion made of? Most likely it’s made of foam. While there are many other materials on the market that can be used to stuff seats and cushions, foam has long been the go-to material to create soft and long-lasting seats and cushions. Unlike other materials, foam can be purchased in various qualities and thicknesses. This means you can create custom seats using the foam that best fits the project. Purchase firm foam for dining room chairs and softer foam for living room sofas. Foam can also be cut to fit any size or shape chair or sofa, which means it’s the perfect DIY material.

Foam can be used in the great outdoors. Not many materials are weather-proof, but if you find the right kind of foam, it will withstand all types of weather.Our company, for example, offers Dryfast Foam, and outdoor foam that can be used to create outdoor patio furniture or marine cushioning. The unique formula of the foam helps combat the growth of bacteria and other organisms. Plus, it dries faster than regular foam, making it the perfect material where moisture and precipitation is common.

Foam can help you get a good night’s sleep. Well, if you already knew that foam makes great cushions and can be used for outdoor furniture, did you know you can sleep on it, too? Some of the best mattresses on the market today are made of foam. Customers can choose from a variety of foam products designed to provide a good night’s sleep, from memory foam to conventional foam. You can also purchase foam toppers. Memory foam, for example, is flexible, resilient, and durable. It helps increase circulation and even molds to your body’s contours. Memory foam has also been shown to relieve pressure points and relieve back pain.
Carlo Badalamenti is a writer for The Foam Factory, a leading online retailer of foam, including foam for seat cushions.