Why mattress replacement is a good health habit

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

You might have heard the oft-repeated maxim that you should replace your mattress and pillows every 7-10 years. The most obvious reason for mattress replacement is mattresses becoming uncomfortable and uneven, but have you ever considered the health effects of using the same mattress for a decade?

You may be regularly cleaning your mattress, but dirt, dust, and human body oil still accumulate after many years of use. You won’t realize it, but every night, you leave dead skin cells and skin oils on your bed. These provide the type of environment necessary for germs and dust mites to thrive. And when they’ve been building up for years, even after repeated mattress cleanings, you may be experiencing more allergies and acne breakouts than you’re used to.

There’s also the issue of wear and tear that makes your mattress uncomfortable. When your mattress has been used for almost 10 years, it won’t be in the same shape as the day you bought it. If your mattress has affected your sleep quality, you’ll feel more stressed, moody, and tired, along with feeling less alert and energetic. If you don’t address this problem, it could affect your job and daily life.

If your mattress is due for a replacement, don’t put off replacing it until tomorrow. You can find a high-quality mattress foam replacement from companies such as The Foam Factory, which offer highly customizable foam mattresses that can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact them today for prices and more details.