How Much Protein in Roast Turkey

Here is a table with the Protein in Roast Turkey and related foods.

Popular Types of Roast Turkey Prot(g)
Roast Turkey with Skin (4 oz serving)
Turkey 31.87
Turkey Breast 32.56
Turkey Wing 31.05
Turkey Leg 31.60
Light Turkey 32.40
Dark Turkey 31.17
Roast Turkey without Skin (4 oz serving)
Turkey 33.52
Turkey Breast 34.09
Turkey Wing 34.98
Turkey Leg 33.10
Light Turkey 33.91
Dark Turkey 32.40
Other Popular Types of Roast Turkey Prot(g)
4 oz Turkey Thigh Meat and Skin 21.32
2 oz Oven Roasted Turkey Breat 9.00
1 slice Light or Dark Roast Turkey Meat 5.97
6 slices Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Shaved Turkey Breast 8.00