The Best Skin Care Comes from Nature

Article by Dr. Felix Rippy

Maintaining healthy skin all over your body and face is important. However, choosing the best skin products can be daunting and overwhelming. There are seemingly infinite options on the market, each one promoting its superiority over another product. How do you know what is the best for you?

While everybody’s skin is different, there is one type of product that benefits everybody. Natural products offer the best skin care for every skin type. Not only are the toxin and carcinogen free but they are chock full of health natural alternatives that are much better for your skin.

Your skin absorbs chemicals and creams that you put on it, so you want to be careful what you use. Since synthetic serums use such terrible ingredients (some banned in Europe!), consider turning to natural ones. Cosmetic professionals have honed their skills over the years to combine the best that nature has to offer to create healthy and effective products.

One natural substance being used in beauty products is peptides. Studies show that peptides encourage natural skin reactions that regenerates the collagen, creating a youthful, smooth look. Peptides strengthen circulation around your eyes to minimize discoloration and swelling by increasing firmness and elasticity.

Not only are these natural products much better for your skin, they are much better for the environment. The same people creating healthy products also have made sure the carbon footprint left behind the manufacturing process is as small as possible. What is there not to like about this stuff?

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